‘Bob & Sheri’ Co-Host Launches ‘Weird’ Podcast


Now! Media and Sheri Lynch have partnered on a new podcast that explores “deeply weird, quirky, odd, unexpected, peculiar and mysterious” stories.

The new podcast, called True Weird Stuff, debuts on Friday the 13th (not a coincidence).

“I’ve spent my whole life struggling to not talk about all the weird things that fascinate me and often make other people uncomfortable, such as reincarnation, near-death experiences, aliens, or the idea that reality is a simulation,” Lynch said. “It’s hard masking so much weird. The True Weird Stuff podcast is where I can bring all the quirky, cryptic, creepy, odd, and just plain weird together in one place and share them with my listeners.”

Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster who serves as the co-host of the syndicated Bob & Sheri program. Tony Garcia, the co-owner of Now! Media, said he was excited when Lynch approached him with the idea for the podcast.

“Sheri is the hardest working and most creative person in media. I’m confident True Weird Stuff will be a great addition to our soon-to-be-announced podcast network,” Garcia said.

To learn more about the podcast, go HERE.


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