Grow Your Sales by Growing Your Skills


(By Loyd Ford) It’s no secret that these columns are about increasing sales, busting out opportunity and growing revenue. Everyone is interested, right? But once we all agree that we want more sales, what happens next?

You don’t have to be told that selling can be tough. Here are tips related to five skills that can help you electrify your sales (and your clients) and grow your bank account.

  1. Develop a willing and winning attitude that gets on other people. Why is it that optimists seem to endure better than others? Why is it that people who always look on the bright side cannot seem to be stopped? You know, don’t you? It isn’t because the sun is always shinning on them. They have a belief to just keep going. Make sure you are still standing, still digging and know that if you put in the work, you won’t control everything. However, you will win.
  2. Master time management and watch your productivity soar. You can replace a lot of things, but time isn’t one of them. Learning to master your time and gain the most leverage in the shortest amount of time can be a powerful skill to pursue and learn. Start with a few books, such as “Discipline Is Destiny” by Ryan Holiday, “10 Secrets Of Time Management for Salespeople” by Dave Kahle and – of course – “Successful Time Management for Dummies.” Learn this important skill to earn more.
  3. Develop your storytelling ability and use it to bring people to your party. People see a seller coming from a mile away. Abraham Lincoln used to start almost any meeting with a story. Learn to tell great stories that apply to your point, and – of course – make sure to bring constant solutions with you to interactions with clients and potential clients. How you approach them really does make a difference. What are you known for?
  4. Find ways to continuously jump-start your creativity. The days of ‘buy my spots’ are dead and gone. What do you offer that fits a solution to a problem your client has right now? What can you offer that inspires your client with FOMO? Don’t let anyone tell you that sales isn’t about creativity. Learn how to reshape your solutions around client problems, expectations and unique experiences and grow those times clients say yes.
  5. Be like my dog. He will never take your “no” to heart. Ever. He just keeps selling, using his creativity and blending you back in front of another opportunity to close. And he will get that yes. So can you.

You win anytime you grow sales impact today, and generating more consistent sales across time is the way you become known as THE person with the most impact on your sales team. We do this best by listening, developing creative strategies, not taking the answer “no” to heart, and telling the story behind our solutions for clients consistently.

These are five things that you can master and grow your actual net worth if you’re in sales. Sales is hard. Be encouraged by growing these skills actively. When you grow them, your bank account will grow, too.

Loyd Ford is a branding & strategic programming consultant for Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works.  He consults radio stations, coaches personalities, and provides strategic programming and sales advice and encouragement with RPC. Free resources for you at now.

If you’re on the Clubhouse app, you can join Loyd’s radio pro encouragement group “The Encouragers.”  Reach him anytime. 864-448-4169, or [email protected].


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