Audacy Taps Sounder As Safety Partner


Audacy has selected Sounder as its official Brand Safety Partner. Audacy will use Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud to ensure advertisers can confidently and transparently invest in Audacy’s program catalog.

“As high-profile brands continue to invest in podcasting at scale, they want to protect themselves just as they do in other forms of media,” said Ken Lagana, EVP Digital Sales, Audacy. “We chose to partner with Sounder because of their market-leading brand safety solutions, and to further build our commitment to providing advertisers with the tools they need to continue to drive podcast investment even higher.”

“With Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud, we’re integrating a layer of data that is crucial for advertisers to feel confident taking advantage of the world’s high level of engagement with podcasts,” said Sounder CEO and Co-founder Kal Amin.

Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud uses proprietary speech recognition technology and powerful AI/ML models to enable large publishers to quickly gain access to auto-generated episode ratings, full transcripts, keywords, summaries, topics, and more across libraries of content.


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