Forecast 2023 Chairs Named


Bob Pittman, Chairman/CEO, iHeart is the Forecast 2023 Honorary Chair and Greg Ashlock, CEO/Multiplatform Group, iHeartMedia is this year’s Radio Chair. Forecast 2023, presented by Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report will name a TV Chair soon.

You can Register Now for Forecast 2023 at the Harvard Club in New York City November 16, 2022.

“This marks the 20th year of our annual gathering at the Harvard Club focusing at the top level on the trends, opportunities, challenges, and expectations that lie ahead for broadcasters,” said Deborah Parenti, President/Publisher, Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report. “We are especially pleased to have Bob Pittman, who is truly a visionary and change agent, serve as Honorary Chair of Forecast 2023. And I am excited to welcome Greg Ashlock as this year’s Radio Chair. With his extensive background in media and marketing and as head of iHeart’s extensive array of local and national platforms, Greg will bring a lot of fresh ideas and energy to this year’s agenda.”

The Forecast 2023 Agenda is filled with the best and brightest; ready to look at the year ahead and beyond.

“Radio Ink’s Forecast, now celebrating its 20th year, has always been a valuable opportunity for broadcast radio to come together and discuss the opportunities and developments we think will be most important for our industry,” said Pittman. “In the last several years we’ve seen that broadcast radio — the trusted relationship between its personalities and listeners, its connection to the communities it serves, and the reach it provides to its advertising partners — is more important than ever, and Forecast’s 20th Anniversary will be the perfect opportunity to discuss the exciting emerging platforms and technologies that will further cement those connections into the next decade.”

Forecast 2023 is the only conference of its kind, providing participants the opportunity to discuss revenue expectations, focus on significant issues, and meet the trendsetters shaping and analyzing the future facing both radio and television broadcasters in a joint setting.

“I’m honored to co-chair Forecast 2023.” said Ashlock. “We’ve experienced more change in the last 20 months than in the last 20 years with audience behaviors, data demands, advertiser challenges, trust expectations, DE&I advancement, and the importance of purpose for campaigns and companies. With the volatility comes an incredible opportunity to lean into the vast amount of experience and innovation from the diverse leaders in our industry, collaborate with one another, and reset the value proposition that broadcast radio and television bring to the table.”

Registration is now open for Forecast 2023a gathering of the smartest minds in broadcast and advertising to forecast trends, expectations and revenues for the coming year.


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