Semi-Retirement For Bob Stroud


97.1FM The Drive (WDRV-FM) Chicago midday host Bob Stroud is winding down his career. At the end of June, Stroud will give up his full-time duties and begin semi-retirement.

“I never saw this coming, a 43-year career in the city of my dreams, Chicago.  Now it’s time to kick back a bit and spend the proverbial more time with my family, while still keeping a tone arm in the game by continuing to host two weekday features and my 42-year-old baby, Rock ‘n Roll Roots,” said Stroud.

He will continue to be heard weekdays, hosting daily features: Ten at 10 and One 45 at 1:45.  Stroud will also continue to host his Sunday morning Rock ‘n Roll Roots program, something he has done for 42 years, the last 21 of those on WDRV.

“I am just thrilled for Bob’s opportunity.  To be able to enjoy life and family fun time, while continuing to nurture his relationship with Drive Nation is a rare opportunity,” said Keith Hastings, Brand & Content Director.  “He gets to continue to do what he loves, while doing it on his own timeline.  He is a special talent and a special person. I am really pleased that we will be able to continue to work together in this great city”.


  1. Thanks Bob! Your musical knowledge is uncanny! 10 at 10 always brought back great memories! Your songs that you pick boggles the mind! Music is the last stronghold left in this mixed-up world we live in today! ROCK&ROLL,EARTH AND SOUL! Enjoy your freetime you’ve earned it!


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