Talent Tips From The Terminator


(By Randy Lane) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s viral video addressing the people of Russia made an impact on me because it skillfully demonstrates many of the coaching points we recommend to talent. The video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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The Power of Story
In the first minute, Arnold tells a personal story that illustrates his love and admiration for the Russian people. Sensory details are highlighted as he recalls being fourteen years old and meeting and shaking hands with Yuri Vlasov the Russian champion weightlifter, “I still had a boy’s hand, and he had this powerful man’s hand that swallowed mine.”

Arnold illuminates the horrors of war with real-life examples, including how his own father was permanently injured and had his spirit broken in WWII. He shares the physical pain and guilt his father grappled with all of his life.

Personalities build their brands by mastering the art of personal storytelling. Stories immediately engage listeners, are relatable, and create intimacy and trust.

The Terminator makes direct eye contact with us by expertly using up-close camera angles to communicate his message with authenticity. Arnold likely had a teleprompter to keep him on track, yet he delivers the script naturally and from his heart.

Even if you only have a minute, media personalities can speak from the heart to connect with the audience. RLC advises talent to “master the copy” and know it well enough to tell stories and deliver endorsements and sponsorships conversationally.

Dynamic Vocal Expression
Although Arnold’s overall tone is calm, empathic and matter of fact, he uses intentional vocal punctuation to deliver emotional and important points. Pay attention to how he masterfully utilizes dramatic pauses to emphasize his positions.

Schwarzenegger recalls meeting his weightlifting hero again years later while filming a movie in Moscow. He weaves in a bit of levity by chuckling as he holds up the blue coffee cup that was a gift from his weightlifting inspiration and one that he still uses every morning.

It is clear that Arnold and his team spent hours in preparation to create this nine-minute video. The execution was planned meticulously with a captivating setup, middle, and end. He concluded the video with a memorable message to Putin, “You can stop this war.”


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  1. Congratulations Randy, great article, especially the point about vocal expression dynamics. The position of the dramatics in the emotional conclusion, that’s important.


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