An Anthem For Ukraine


The call is going out to Radio to unite for Ukraine. “Tears For Ukraine” is an anthem to bring the world together to keep focus on Ukraine until the situation is resolved fully.

B. Eric Rhoads, CEO, Streamline Publishing joined with artist Billy Craig and Matt Jacobs to co-write “Tears For Ukraine”. He is asking stations across America to add the song into rotation.

“Tears For Ukraine” can be downloaded HERE.

In a message to the broadcast industry Rhoads writes: “Radio has changed lives, raised money for charity, and made a difference in each of our communities. We have all used our platforms to create awareness, help our neighbors, and use music to move hearts. The situation in Ukraine is dire. Radio around the country is raising money and doing what they can to help. But we can do more.”

“Years ago, radio pushed the song “We are the World” as an anthem to help people in Africa. Radio made that movement possible. An anthem for Ukraine is needed to bring the world together to keep a focus on Ukraine until this situation is resolved fully,” continues Rhoads. “Please consider doing your part and add this song into rotation. Show that the radio industry continues to have influence over the world to unify our listeners.”

A video featuring the song has also been produced. You can view the “Tears For Ukraine” video HERE.

Streamline Publishing is the parent company of Radio Ink, Radio + Television Business Report and Podcast Business Journal.

In his message Rhoads adds, “I have zero financial interest in this project and no intent for personal gain. I’d like to encourage the other trade publications in this industry to get behind this effort so we can all show the world that radio cares and is working to improve our world. And I’d like to encourage the broadcast groups to adopt it as well. Please forward to anyone you think can help. And I suggest you let local media know your station is playing this song.”

“Tears For Ukraine” can be downloaded HERE

“Tears For Ukraine” video can be viewed HERE



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