Hubbard Raises Over $100K For Poland


In response to the humanitarian  crisis in Eastern Europe, Hubbard Radio’s KTMY-FM in Minneapolis-St. Paul is partnering with Minnesota-based Alight to raise money that will directly aid refugee care in Poland. The fundraiser, myTalkers for Ukraine, kicked-off Monday, March 7th, has already raised $105,000 and will continue through this week.

Alight, formerly known as American Refugee Committee, has a team on the ground at Ukraine order in Poland, assisting refugees with relief items and medical supplies for people fleeing Ukraine. They are providing baby food, diapers, sanitary items, blankets and phone chargers so people can stay connected with loved ones. Alight is offering safe transport for families once inside Poland and secure shelter in Poland. Plus, support for host communities who’ve been openly welcoming Ukranians.

“Like everyone across the world, we have been watching these horrifying events unfold and we asked ourselves what can we do?” commented Hubbard Radio Minnesota Region Manager, Dan Seeman. “As is typical, the staff of myTalk 107.1 stepped up to meet the challenge.”

Added myTalk 107.1 Program Director, Amy Daniels, “We’ve said it for years, myTalk 107.1 listeners, we call them myTalkers, are the best listeners in the world.  Our amazing airstaff has been telling Alight’s story with genuine caring and passion and our listeners have responded and given with full hearts.”

Chris Kindler, Campaign Director for Alight, commented, “The support from myTalk 107 and all the myTalkers has been so incredible! And has gone to work immediately to help Ukrainians. We’ve been able to send four truckloads full of medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine, the most recent arrived in Sumy in eastern Ukraine this afternoon.  But we’re not done. MyTalkers have raised more than $100,000, and that will help us keep doing all this critical work in the coming days.”


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