iHM Partners With Sounder


iHeartMedia is partnering with Sounder to use the company’s Audio Data Cloud technology. iHeart says the technology will help podcasters use AI and Machine Learning tools to gain real-time insights on their programs.

“It’s critical that we learn from the challenges advertisers have had with video and social media to deliver safety tools and controls that allow brands to customize their campaigns and ensure that their ads will be delivered at scale in a brand safe environment,” said Brian Kaminsky, iHM Chief Data Officer.

In addition to the commercial partnership, iHeartMedia has also announced a strategic investment in Sounder, as lead investor in the company’s Series A round.

“We’re excited to have iHeartMedia as a commercial partner and strategic investor,” said Kal Amin, Sounder CEO and Co-founder. “With Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud, we’re integrating a layer of data that is absolutely crucial for advertisers to take advantage of the world’s high level of engagement with podcasts.”


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