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(By Loyd Ford) People have talked about this forever. Guess what? In the Covid-era, word of mouth is stronger than it has ever been. In fact, as a seller, you will hear local business owners say, “Nothing beats word of mouth.” I highly recommend you say, “That’s right. That’s why we have our Word Of Mouth Program.”

The Power Of Attraction
The first moment of attraction is agreeing, right? So, agree and give them something they want to know about today. Align your radio brands with their idea about word-of-mouth.

Then, follow your heart to helping your new client.

  • Encourage your customers to take full advantage of word of mouth by asking customers to talk on video (that can be shared in social media) and tell your customers about local radio’s way to explode the impact of word of mouth by sharing this audio in a long-term campaign designed to grab more market share for them and bring in new customers. 80+% of Millennials say they trust regular people over ads. Over 70% of adults believe regular people when they hear them talking about a product.
  • Make sure your local business owners know that product ratings are powerful with adults: Over 60% check reviews before purchasing a product or service. When those reviews are available to them in ways local radio can help local business owners attract more local customers, your local businessperson wins every time.
  • While you will hear many local business owners talk about how reviews and word of mouth can be their most powerful resource, only slightly more than 1/3 are regularly collecting reviews and/or endorsements from their local customers and even fewer are doing something powerful with these great word of mouth tools. Help them by (again) telling them about your famous word of mouth program for them.

Many times, local business owners may think throwing up things like ‘word of mouth’ is a great objection to local radio advertising; it’s the opposite. This is your green light to show them how to use radio more effectively right now.

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