Erickson Christmas Show Available


Syndicated Radio Host Erick Erickson has created a Christmas Special. The Erick Erickson Christmas Special is three hours long.

“Christmas is the perfect time to focus on the big picture and not the daily news headlines,” said Erickson. “The Erick Erickson Christmas Show is designed so everyone can come together, exhale after a crazy year, and focus on the holidays.”

More information can be requested Here.


  1. I’m pretty ignorant on this subject, so I guess this is coming off in the form of a dialogue rather than a disagreement, but it seemed to me that Erikson’s beliefs were built from existential philosophies that were more influenced by universal principals rather than social ones. Certainly the emphasis on virtues like autonomy are inherently western, but the meaning-making process for an individual seems to be at the core of Erikson’s identity theory (finding a resolution to the crisis).


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