Jacobs Media CES Tour Returning


Jacobs Media has announced it is bringing back its customized tours for broadcasters at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show which is January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

“The return of our 2022 CES Tours marks an exciting moment for us and the radio industry,” remarks Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. “While aspects of our world have slowed down, technology has marched on, and we’ve got some catching up to do. Radio doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and understanding technology that is right around the corner is key to the industry’s future success. If CES is on your bucket list, this is the year to go. It will definitely be less congested and easier to navigate.”

“Our tours are designed to provide broadcasters with a customized experience that gives them access to leaders of companies that will include Amazon, Google, and car companies to talk about their products and how they affect radio,” comments Jacobs Media Vice President/General Manager Paul Jacobs. “We work hard with the team at the Consumer Technology Association to identify the most important and relevant companies to visit on our tours, and of course, we’ll include a few surprises.”


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