NFL/NBA Combo Pod


ESPN Podcasts will debut a new, signature series, ‘Swagu & Perk’, October,25. The weekly podcast will be hosted by former NFL veteran and analyst Marcus Spears (Swagu) and NBA champion and analyst Kendrick Perkins.

“I’m excited to co-host Swagu & Perk with Kendrick,” said Spears. “We will be chopping it up about football and basketball of course, yet it will be more about life, growing up in Louisiana (for him Texas) and this journey we are both on as Black men, fathers and husbands in today’s America.”

“Can’t wait for the world to hear me and my bro Big Swagu,” said Perkins. “We’re about to bring a different flavor to the podcast world and we’ll be talking about anything and everything culturally relevant in sports, entertainment and the world!”


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