Dr. Phil On Marketing Podcast Premier


‘RM 15’ podcast features Dr. Phil McGraw for the launch of its marketing focused program. RM 15 is an LA based marketing company launched in 2020.

Hosts and company founders Garen van de Beek and Lori Shefa will feature entertainment industry guests, who will be interviewed by the duo about their careers, their successes (and failures), their paths to Hollywood, and their opinions about the future of the industry at large, specifically as it pertains to marketing.

“We have been so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with so many top industry ‘movers and shakers’ during our careers, that we felt now would be a terrific time to interview those people on-air to discover what makes them ‘tick’ and to see what kind of advice they have for those of us who are always intrigued by a good success story,” said van de Beek and Shefa.

The agency and podcastt is named for the office suite they shared at CBS’s TV City for over 23 years.


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