Former Host Launches Morning Show Podcast


After a decades-long career in Chattanooga radio, Jeff Styles is launching a morning show podcast he hopes will take listeners away from traditional radio and over to his podcast.

Styles will host “The Chattanooga Drive In Show” with three of his former co-workers from when he worked at WPLZ-FM. Jen Lambert, Bryan Stone and Russell Stroud.

All four worked at NoogaRadio in Chattanooga before leaving after a dispute with station management over the direction of the station.

In launching the podcast, Styles says the world has changed. “WE have changed. America’s, and Chattanooga’s, media consumption habits have changed. But most traditional radio and TV morning shows haven’t. That’s a problem that needs to be fixed… not enough information stretched over too many hours of mindless fluff. We present a solution – ‘The Chattanooga Drive-In Show,’ featuring the voice locals have heard since 1992. In those 29 years and counting, you all have come to learn, if nothing else, I’m honest, and I love this town. I hold authority figures accountable, I point out the ridiculous, and have good old-fashioned fun. That’s not going to change.”


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