Valentine Changes Tune on Vaccine


That’s what Phil Valentine’s brother Mark says as the Conservative talker struggles for survival with COVID-19 related pneumonia. The story of Phil Valentine being very sick with COVID has been picked up by nearly every news outlet in the country after saying on his show he was a skeptic of the vaccine.

Mark Valentine told News 4 Nashville that his brother’s attitude toward the vaccine was geared toward others doing their individual research and making decisions based on their medical history and physician’s insight. He said Phil is now encouraging others to take the vaccine to avoid what he’s currently going through. “If he had to do it over again, he would be more adamantly pro-vaccination, and that is what he will bring in his message when he gets back to that microphone which we hope is sooner rather than later.”

Valentine remains hospitalized. He’s not on a ventilator, he’s using a high-flow oxygen machine during the day and night.

Valentine tested positive for COVID on July 11th.


  1. To vax or not to vax is the wrong question. During the Covid fiasco, the worldwide medical community has made a mockery of “science”. Had the stubborn health hierarchy included Ivermectin in their protocols, hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved. Get Phil on Ivermectin at once. Relieve his suffering. Prevent his death.

  2. Those who deny science should in the future bypass medical doctors when they are ill or feel sick. It would be hypocritical to seek care by a medical professional practicing scientist. There’s a reason you don’t hear about small pox and polio in America. Those vaccinations were for the greater good. There’s way too much individualism in America, and that does not serve the greater good. Those who refuse or don’t want the vaccine should stay home period. It’s the least they could do to tamp down the virus.

  3. JM is correct, that Valentine’s “passive” questioning of the need for vaccines, discouraged an unknown amount of people to not get the vaccine, no doubt leading to an unknown amount of illnesses and deaths.
    The problem is that many people like Valentine and the commentator Robert are in effect politicizing the vaccine.
    This dangerously undermines the medical scientific community’s urging to get the vaccine.
    These scientists have clearly stated that vaccinations are the only way out of this global pandemic. That is a fact. And any efforts that question or undermine that medical fact and the vaccines, are reckless and irresponsible, and are leading to needless deaths.

    • No, ‘JM’…people like you who oppose diversity of opinion are an abomination.

      Personally, I am fully vaccinated. However, because NONE of the COVID vaccines have received final approval from the FDA, due to the vaccines’ very recent production, I would hope most people would have some level of skepticism about them.

      So, please stop with your judgment about other people’s considered thoughts and beliefs.

      • No, “Robert”, JM is pretty much on the money.
        Valentine & many other talkers have engaged in *flagrantly* irresponsible broadcasting.
        When people’s “considered thoughts and beliefs” are shaped by misinformation spread by ratings-seekers for personal gain, the behavior of talk hosts borders on the outright criminal.

      • Robert, have the drugs being used in hospitals to treat COVID-19 received “final approval from the FDA.” Asking for a friend…


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