Voice-Enabled Requests and Dedications with Alexa


iHeartRadio has announced a new interactive way to send song requests and dedications through Alexa-enabled devices. It’s all about the AI technology.

iHeartRadio has teamed up with Amazon using advanced updates to Alexa’s voice AI to build iHeartRadio’s new, first-to-market Request a Song feature for Alexa, which allows listeners to connect with DJs and stations.

Soon, listeners will hear their favorite on-air iHeartRadio personalities asking for song requests and dedications from across the country. Using an Alexa-enabled device, one can simply use their voice to seamlessly request songs and even dedicate them to family and friends. Alexa will then send the request to the station, where radio DJs can queue them for on-air playback in front of millions of other listeners.

“We’re excited that for the first time our listeners will be able to talk to us directly through Alexa,” explains Chris Williams, iHeartRadio Chief Product Officer. “This is a direct line to allow our audience to talk back, to share their thoughts and help influence what you hear on the radio.”

But song requests and dedications are just the beginning. iHeartRadio is already experimenting with the latest Alexa updates to deliver even more interactive features in the future: such as

Q&As with DJs and show hosts, voice-driven polls and contests will be coming down the line in future months.

iHeartRadio’s new Request a Song feature for Alexa rolled out Wednesday on WCOS-FM South Carolina, KISS FM Phoenix, KISS FM Dallas and XL1067 Orlando—with more set to launch across the country soon.



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