Another Host Suspended For Insensitive Comments


This time it’s iHeart’s KFI-AM in Los Angeles dropping the hammer down on host Tim Conway Jr. and his executive producer Sheron Bellio. Both are suspended this week for an Asian-American skit that was quickly criticized by the presidents of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans.

Deadline was the first to report that Conway and Bellio did a skit where Conway pretended to interview Yuko Sakamoto – the wife of local radio personality Vic “The Brick” Jacobs. Bellio impersonated Sakamoto, attempting a Japanese accent (Sakamoto does not even speak with an accent). Bellio shouted “Hiya” and other martial arts noises and said also mentioned being “brought to you by Subaru.”

As what typically happens after a suspension, both Conway and Bellio apologized. Here’s the Conway statement courtesy of Deadline. “Both Sheron and I will be off this week – yep, suspended. We whole-heartedly agreed with that decision and, again, we are both incredibly sorry. We will look forward to returning to the show on Tuesday, June 1st, with a fresh perspective. We believe it’s important to take this time to recognize the issue of hate crimes against Asians that have significantly increased over the last few months. In fact, these crimes have doubled in the last month. And over the last year and a half, Asian Americans across this country including in our very own Southland communities, have endured despicable and sickening acts of hate & violence, fearing for their safety and the safety of their families.”

Also as a result of the episode, KFI is running anti-AAPI hate educational PSAs and the KFI news team is producing a two-hour on-air special focused on raising awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes.


    • That’s not exactly what Biden said, and he actually took a lot of heat for saying it, and ended up apologizing. And it’s not the same thing for making fun of someone’s Asian wife. In the old days, it wasn’t nice to make fun of someone’s wife.

  1. The shocked critics must have never heard Vic the Brick’s sports commentary. The accent went too far, but they were spoofing Vic the Brick, Sakamoto’s own husband for his overuse of Asian wisdom homage in his sports commentary. And Vic is not Asian.

  2. Its strange to me that we have become so super hyper sensitive about all things. Except the clause that apparently deems it fine to imitate, make fun of, exclude, target, bully and/or berate “white” people. Extra credit for “straight white” males.

    So many ask “what happened to society?”
    The folks pushing this “evolution” is what happened. Thank them.

    • I’m not sure we’ve become hyper-sensitive, or we’ve forgotten how to be polite to each other. We might tell Polish jokes, but we’d try not to have Polish people nearby, or we’d apologize in advance. That doesn’t happen any more, especially on the radio. We just let out insensitivities fly and we don’t care who we offend. Then we’re shocked when someone is offended. Duh! You say something offensive, and you’ll likely offend someone. Whoops, we forgot!

      • You’re right. Good insight, as always. Unfortunately when a President labels Mexicans as “drug dealers, criminals, and rapists”…that sends a message that you can say anything, without recrimination. And that’s just one example how he inflammed ignorant racists in this country. The good news is, many of these racists like Tim Conway are now being held accountable. A step back in the right direction, of civility and respect towards others.

      • Sounds like The Big A wakes up and can’t wait to be offended by something. What dumb-ass would start apologizing in advance for providing entertainment? What a weak mindset.

  3. From the description of the bit it sounds like something every small market morning zoo would have done in 1985. We’ve evolved as an industry but some people didn’t get the memo.

  4. Just put out the memo already:

    “We as an industry are scared and would prefer safe, boring content. If you’re white, then please make sure you only make fun of white people. If you’re not white, feel free to make fun of anyone.”

    -The Failing and Fearful Radio Industry

  5. KKFI personalities for years byhave been allowed for years to say outrageous offensive comments. And iHeart LA manager Greg Ashlock has done absolutely nothing about it. He certainly should be held accountable. As for Conway, in our opinion is he is a toxic racist, and he has demonstrated in our opinion, disdain for minorities with many racist comments. Finally, this has caught up to him.

  6. Hey Tom, speaking of PC, bandying about the word nazi is offensive too when you could have said PC Police. Stop being a Rush copycat.

  7. KFI’s got some very good folks working there. Sorry to see any of them get sucked down this avoidable rabbit hole! :^(>


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