To Be The Best, You Have To Outwork The Rest


(By Loyd Ford) The only person who can determine your work ethic is you. This is one of the key areas in your life where you are in complete control. There may be better sellers out there, but you have the choice to outwork everyone else in your market.

I know that’s not for everyone, but the truth is what Dave Ramsey says (and I know I’m hijacking it here), “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” If it’s good for saving money, it’s good for selling, too.

And you know it’s true.

I guarantee there are professionals in sales who live by this mantra and they are crushing sales goals because their commitment level is so much higher than others around them. 

We hear it all the time: The more people you see, the more people you sell. But it’s more than seeing people. 

It’s seeing people often, listening to them, hearing them, and understanding the problems they most want to solve that are in your wheelhouse. Then, it’s all about giving them a solution or choices that will solve that problem.

We talk about TSS all the time at RPC.

Time Spent Selling.

This means zeroing in on the activities that lead to the inevitable result of sales. There are choices every day that sellers, sales managers, and companies make that take sellers away from this activity, especially presenting solutions. 

No matter what your role is in the sales process, radio sees a surge in revenue production when sellers spend more time in front of more potential clients.

In the wake of COVID, many sellers tell you. “Clients don’t want to see people.” And that is true to an extent. On average, advertisers are seeing fewer sellers, but your job in sales is to be more than another seller. You’re a relationship-builder. And if you don’t continue to build relationships, you will develop revenue trouble.

The only revenue trouble I want you to develop is TSS (time spent selling).

All kinds of things happen when you are selling. One thing that you can depend on is that some things will get hot, some will get cold, you will have ups and you will have downs. But where you place your focus, your work ethic, and your consistent behavior can change everything. 

Consistent activity that places you in front of more prospects more often gives you something special: Inevitable sales growth.

in·ev·i·ta·ble (adj.) – certain to happen; unavoidable.

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