KKOB Partners On Literacy Project


96.3 News Radio KKOB is joining The Albuquerque Journal and KOAT-TV in tackling New Mexico’s low literacy rates through ‘The Literacy Project’. New Mexico ranks 49th in literacy nationwide.

The trio of media organizations has been meeting for several months. It was unanimous among the leadership that literacy was a paramount social and educational challenge. The three newsrooms have pledged 12 months or more of layered, in-depth coverage to identify the gaps, resources and opportunities to create positive, workable solutions.

“I believe we can do this together,” said Jeff Berry, Cumulus Radio Group Regional Manager. “As news leaders, we know how to be catalysts for change. We know how to get the attention of government and industry. We know how to rally public opinion and support. We want to use our joint strength and training to serve the state in a way that can truly enhance and assist public and private educational efforts.”

“We are proud to unite in this powerful way to shine a light on a very critical issue,” said Lori Waldon, President/GM KOAT-TV. “Literacy is the gateway to increasing educational opportunity for many New Mexicans.”

“Literacy is one of the most crucial, liberating and illuminating tools a person can acquire,” said William Lang, Publisher The Albuquerque Journal. “The ability to read elevates an individual personally, economically and socially.”


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