Changes at WABC New York


Curtis Sliwa goes solo now from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Juliet Huddy, who was hosting with Sliwa in that time slot, moves to early mornings. Huddy will team with Frank Morano and host the 5 a.m. 77 WABC Early News.


  1. Juliette was the most annoying person to listen to. She sounds like a child. When she can’t answer a question she cackles like Khamala Harris. Glad she’s gone!

  2. Huddy is an overrated no talent and is not worth listening to. She got her job at Foxnews because Roger Ailes was her godfather. Her brother is even worse. After suing Fox and OReilly she will never work on tv again.

  3. The only people happy to see Juliet Huddy moved are those that won’t listen to an opinion opposite to their own. She was civil, respected others’ thoughts and read and knew her stuff. She was a cut above. Sorry but I don’t get up at 5am for anyone, it’s like they want to bury her where no one listens. I also feel sorry for Curtis- they constantly disrupt his show. It’s actually boring now with only one voice and opinion. Sorry but I’m gone.

  4. Juliet was an intelligent and energetic asset to that mid-day show. They had fantastic chemistry. Curtis seemed very happy to be working with her and that woman held her own. Maybe that was the problem?
    I can’t help but wonder if the returning Big Bill had any influence in the decision.
    Mr.Cats has been pretty darn smart with programming up till now. Another exception being, however, like Lorraine commented, him being on-air himself. I don’t want to seem mean but to be completely honest his voice is very hard to listen to. Like Ian Punnett says, ‘I have a face for radio and a voice for print’. It’s a vanity project clearly now and Curtis, as great as he is, is missing his better radio half right now. Their synergy was greater than the sum of their parts. I’m actually in shock that decision was made. Everything is politics. Stay strong Juliet.

  5. I really enjoyed the banter between Juliet and Curtis, and I’m sorry to be missing that. What’s worse is they gave her a time slot which I’m sure won’t work for most of her audience.I wish her well and I hope she comes back to a better time slot.

  6. Thank goodness. Juliet is horrible and added nothing. Let her work the early shift with another awful radio host in Frank Morano. They deserve each other and the low ratings for the billionaire vanity project.

    Now I can go back to listening to Curtis again on WABC.


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