Kevin & Bean Mates Reunite


Former KROQ Kevin and Bean teammates Gene Baxter and Allie Mac Kay have launched a new podcast called A Cup of Tea and a Chat with Allie & Bean. Baxter is in London working for Podcast Radio and Kay is in L.A. after Kevin in the Morning with Allie and Jensen, was yanked off the air.

Mac Kay told Variety that she started pestering Baxter about doing a podcast back in April. “We were fired in March, I believe I started pestering Bean in April. Hey Bean you ever thought about doing a podcast with an old friend that lives in Los Angeles?’ I think I probably mentioned it only about four or five times, really. And it would just kind of be in passing because if Bean doesn’t want to do something, he’ll totally change the subject. He won’t answer, and he wasn’t really answering and he was changing the subject. So I kind of let it go. “

Baxter tells Variety that “The listeners and the hosts all had their own in jokes and their own subjects that they were interested in and constantly talked about,” he added. “And it really built up to be a community over so many years that I got to the point, it’s coming up on a year now since I’ve been on the radio in America. I got to the point where I just was really starting to miss it so much that I thought, well, why am I not doing this? The listeners would enjoy it and I think it would really be fun.”

“A Cup of Tea and a Chat” will be available to subscribers via Patreon at different subscription levels, starting at $3 a month up to $20, which features more perks.


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