iHeart Fires Host Over Kamalla Harris Comment


WTAM Cleveland News Anchor Kyle Cornell is out of a job after referring to Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris as “colored.” The comment was made in a news teaser during Wednesday night’s Cleveland Indians game.

Outraged reaction was swift to hit social media, and the station wasted little time in parting ways with Cornell, offering up this statement: “We are aware of the reference made on WTAM by Kyle Cornell,” WTAM program director said in a statement Thursday. “We take this matter very seriously and addressed it immediately. The term used is extremely offensive and does not align with our station’s core values and commitment to the communities we serve. He is no longer with WTAM.

In an interview on WKYC-TV in Cleveland, Cornell apologized: “I wasn’t trying to be malicious or in any way decimate the character or anything like that. That was never the goal. And for that, I am truly sorry.”


  1. While Rush gets a pass for sowing disdain, division and fear, this guy takes it in the neck for saying “coloured”. iHeart, meanwhile, demonstrates its proclivity to get twitchy on anything more than rumours of rancour.
    But the company doesn’t shy away from providing a home for rubes, boobs, maga-morons and deluded zealots.
    These serve as corporate examples of star-spangled ****in’ awesomeness?
    One (forlornly) hopes otherwise.

  2. Isn’t the largest and best known black organization the NAACP — The National Association of Colored People. If they keep “colored” in their name, how can it be wrong for the general public to use it as well?

    • Exactly!

      ‘Colored’ may be an outdated term, but it’s not racist.

      This supposed racial hysteria is completely out of control, and it is tearing our country apart, anew.

  3. Rush Limbaugh’s using the term “Joe and the Hoe” referring to Kamala Harris. Will the same company deal with him the same way for something that’s even more offensive?

    • Probably not. That’s typical corporate hypocrisy, as Limbaugh is the goose that lays the golden eggs for iHeart. Referring to Ms. Harris as a “hoe” (whore) totally defames her character and she has every right to sue Limbaugh for every penny he has. And iHeart should terminate him immediately…but then, what other incendiaries could they offer to the right wing talk stations? Tom Livezey (anyone in South Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania remember him?) is long dead. So, let me see…”colored” is offensive but “hoe” is not? Besides, Ms. Harris is multiracial. And why should her ethnic or racial background even matter in a country that portrays itself as a melting pot?


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