Frank Ski Returns To WHUR


The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown takes over afternoons August 3 on 96.3 WHUR. It’s been a bit of a shuttle back-and-forth from WVEE in Atlanta to WHUR in DC for Ski. He worked at WVEE from 1998-2012, went to WHUR in 2013 for two years, back to WVEE until last week and now to afternoons at WHUR.

Ski started his radio career in DC in the early 90s. Brown has been in the radio and TV business for nearly 20 years. PD Al Payne said, “Frank Ski has dominated ratings and has an incredible legacy of community enrichment wherever he is on the air. He is a media icon and adding his name to WHUR once again completes our DMV Dream Team.”

“Connecting to the Washington, DC listeners is extremely important to me during this challenging time in our history,” said Ski.


  1. Blessed Day Family, I was listening to the show yesterday with the So-Called Lawyer speaking about the Ancient Sou Sou savings and I wanted to correct him on several instances, as a mere Paralegal. 1st the Sou Sou Concept is as old as the Original Parole of the Motherland itself. 2nd, the format is practiced by Asians/ Latinos/ Blacks and others all over the 🌎. 3rd, the ATF…focuses on Alcohol/ Tobacco and Firearms..they’re not coming after an investment club.4th, you have up to $15,000 in gifts by an single individual Person, before, it needs to be Reported to IRS. And lastly, 5th on the Pyramid Scheme a Pyramid the Top people receive the 💰 but in the Sou Sou once each person rotates to the Gifting Position , that changes… daily/ hourly/ monthly etc..they are the receivers puff that Blessing…thus…it could not then be a Pyramid. With everything in life there are schemes as we see with people scheming on PPE’s and this Pandemic etc. It is always better to say, “I do not know, or I’m unsure”, than to be on National Radio, leading the people in error!

    Humbly Submitted,


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