WABC Adds More Talk Talent


TalkRadio 77WABC has added Frank Morano to its lineup. Morano will host The Frank Morano Program, 7-9 PM every Sunday evening starting July 12 and will begin anchoring Morano in the Morning, 1-5 AM weekdays beginning in August.

Morano is presently holding down the 10 AM-12N spot on WLIR-FM. Red Apple Media, parent company of WABC; recently purchased the Long Island station.

“Frank has already contributed a great deal towards furthering civic discourse in New York. To have him back on WABC is a major coup for us and we know he’ll be an essential building block in making radio fun again”, said Dave LaBrozzi, SVP, Programming WABC.

“Joining the regular on-air lineup at 77WABC is the culmination of everything I’ve worked for since I was eight years old. I’m thrilled to work with some of the best talk talents in the country and for a radio station dedicated to quality live and local talk, at a time when it often seems in short supply,” said Morano


  1. Relief!… I used to try to wake up during the wee hours just to listen to RedEye for an hour or two before I had to actually wake up for work,,,, Now I can sleep through the night knowing I’m not missing anthing..sorry /redeye is gone….what a shame

  2. Absolutely LOST THIS LISTENER. Morano is JV at best, not one shred of comparison to the elite, bright, insightful, thoroughly prepared RED EYE RADIO – Gary and Eric. If WABC is so dense as to not remedy this huge error, I wish WABC the consequences of their faulty uninformed choice. LISTENERS TO RER – continue to boycott WABC.

  3. I’m done with WABC. Red Eye radio is far better than the new program.
    I also didn’t appreciate the new personality bashed those he replaced.

    • Are you kidding you took.red eye radio off very dumb. I thought they would be back after vacation. Who the hell wants to hear about aliens? I am sorry if you do not put them back i will not listen. Really what is wrong with whoever does these stupid changes,?

  4. Boy do we miss Eric and Gary. They both are intelligent and will be missed. I have turned off WABC. Hope WOR or another station picks them up so that we New Yorkers can hear them at night.

  5. Frank Morano’s new show is horrible. He has no interviewing skills. His topics of discussion are of no interest. The hosts of RER were incredibly intelligent. Listened every morning to Gary and Eric. WABC lost a viewer with Frank Morano replacing Red Eye. Hope another NY station will pick up Red Eye.

  6. I love red eye radio! Why the hell would you make such a dumb move! Every move you made so far really enhanced WABC but this was not one of the good moves!!BRING BACK RER

  7. I dont know what you people are talking about. Frank Morano’s first night in depth discussion about whether or not it is ok to use a beach towel when you take a shower was riveting radio! I was on the edge of my seat through that stimulating conversation.

  8. Boy am I going to miss gary & eric overnight, they covered things happening all over the US ofA .plus things around their area ,and their lives.Iam up almost every night at this time of the night to listen to the radio.live in NJ.tried morano and it is just not up to par with redeye radio.lost another listner.

  9. I will listen to Red Eye radio where ever it ends up. Gary and Eric are funny and very entertaining. For now I will listen on the internet through the Red Eye Radio app.

  10. I hope Red Eye With Gary and Eric are put back on the air – Not listening to Morano CANNOT compare to Gary and Eric – They are the best.

  11. Bad move by WABC, M-F, 1-5 AM.

    Red Eye Radio is THE BEST overnight program in my 60 years as a talk radio listener. It’s informative and entertaining – though I’ve heard Frank Morano make a negative comment or two about it in the past. Perhaps he’s convinced the new owner of WABC accordingly.

    A VERY BAD move to take off Red Eye.

    • Yes, that is an unfortunate development, though certainly not unprecedented.

      However, ‘Red Eye’ fans can be absolutely certain that the show will be picked up by another station. There is no way that ‘RER’ will not be heard in media market #1.

      “Stay tuned”, as the saying goes…


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