Only Radio Can Make An Immediate Impact


This great idea comes out of Charleston, where Saga’s “2 Girls & A Guy” morning team created a perfect way to help people in one of the hardest hit industries. This is the kind of idea that every radio station should steal and start using right away.

The Food & Beverage industry now has 3,000 servers and bartenders without a job in Charleston. The “2 Girls & A Guy” morning team solicits Venmo numbers of the unemployed and announce it on the air along with a little history of that person.

Virtual tips from listeners help put money in the accounts of hard-working people forced to sit on the sidelines waiting for life return to normal. Many have no other income and were working paycheck to paycheck to pay their bills.

No money has to be touched or passed from person-to-person. Social distancing rules are followed perfectly. It’s another great idea developed by radio talent, executed flawlessly by live and local personalities.

Kudos to the “2 Girls & A Guy” team.

Here’s some audio so you can hear their idea in action.



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