Good Karma Suspends Host For Hot Mic Mishap


One of the first things they teach you in broadcasting school is work as if the microphone is always on. Not that saying something mean or derogatory is OK when the mic is off. Cleveland Journalist Tony Grossi is paying the price for what he said when he thought the mic was off at ESPN 850 WKNR-AM in Cleveland.

Grossi referred to Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield as “f***ing midget.”

Good Karma acted quickly suspending Grossi indefinitely. And, posted the following message to their Twitter account.

Grossi also followed that up with an apology via Twitter.


  1. Thank you to Shawn Fink for explaining the rest of the story. It seems like a pay channel that is not broadcast on any radio station at that time should be held harmless from the comments. But this is 2020. It doesn’t matter who hears it – if you said it you are out.

  2. It is important to note that Grossi’s comments were only heard by subscribers to the station’s internet, subscriber-only, video stream, and did not go over the air.


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