Kelly Goes National In 3-Hour Format


A three-hour version of morning talk radio program The Jesse Kelly Show is now available to radio stations around the country. Hosted by U.S. Marine veteran, former Congressional candidate, and conservative radio and television host Jesse Kelly, the show is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-Noon EST, beginning April 6. Kelly currently hosts a two-hour version of The Jesse Kelly Show on 950 KPRC in Houston.

Dennis Green, CRO, Key Networks, said: “Talk radio needs fresh, new voices and Jesse Kelly will deliver. The topics of discussion on The Jesse Kelly Show will be broad based, informative, and entertaining.”

Key Networks delivers The Jesse Kelly Show to stations of all market sizes. All network advertising is included with the show, with no additional barter units for stations to run.


  1. Just saw you on Tucker Carlson show. You are right on about the border invasion and the lack of proper action by Republicans. Keep up the narrative. Make people stop and think.
    BTW, I’m an 82 year old single female. I’m also an independent (very independent). So, I don’t have any real friends to convert. Do try to talk to neighbors or people I meet casually sometimes about these important matters. They either turn and leave or get the 1000 yard stare. Oh well …


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