Research: Fans Wants To Hear More Female Artists


All eyes are on country programmers in Nashville this week. How will they respond to the red-hot controversy of female artists getting the cold shoulder on their radio stations? Yesterday, we reported on a new study that shows female artists are only airing 10% of the time. Today, more fuel for that fire.

CMT and Coleman Insights have released new research about listener habits and attitudes toward female artists. The two organizations say that their research shows that 84% of listeners want equal play for women on radio, and seven out of 10 want to hear more female artists.

What if country radio programmers knew their ratings might actually go up if they increased the number of female artists they spin on their stations. The Coleman/CMT study says listeners reported they would even seek out country radio more if women were specifically highlighted. Twenty-eight percent said they would listen to radio more if additional female artists were featured, versus 11% who would listen less.

The CMT Insights study with Coleman Insights surveyed 1,000 radio listeners ages 25-54, specifically screening for respondents who would rate a Country station as “Love it and would listen all the time,” “Like it a lot and would listen frequently,” or “Like it and would listen occasionally.”


  1. Would the ratings really go up? Look at the country chart right now. There are more females in the chart now than a year ago. Overall, country radio ratings are lower than they were a year ago. Is that because of the women or some other factor? I don’t know. But the timing of this study comes when there are more women in the country chart than at any other time in the last ten years. And a woman just stayed at #1 for two weeks, the first time that’s happened since 2012.

  2. Yet no mention of iHeart, Westwood One, LRN, or any other of the few services that actually provide programming or set programming trends. Start there…. it’s not the individual stations that should be getting the finger pointed at them.


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