Denver Host Says He Was Fired For Criticizing Trump


Craig Silverman was working on KNUS, which is owned by Salem, but he also went on competing radio stations to express his views. Silverman supported Trump in 2016 but has changed his views and no longer supports the President.

The New York Times reports that, while criticizing Trump on his show this past Saturday, the station cut to a news report and Silverman was fired on the spot. 

Silverman admitted to The Times that he was warned by station management not to continue to speak on competing shows.


  1. All of Salem’s secular talk stations are conservative and could well be propaganda shills for President Trump and the Republican Party, just as WBAI (New York) is the voice of the far left. But by appearing on competing stations, Silverman could easily be accused of disloyalty by Salem. If he was under contract, he may have violated that contract by showing up on other stations. Big mistake! That alone would be a valid reason for Salem dumping him, regardless of his political views.


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