14 Go To The Dayton Hall


The Dayton Area Broadcasters Hall of Fame inducted 14 new honorees Thursday night at a sold out dinner. It was the ninth bi-annual event established in 2003 to recognize the many talented Dayton area broadcasters for their service and dedication to the community. And in no other year has this commitment to the community ever been more evident or appreciated than 2019.

As noted in opening remarks by Dayton Mayor Nan Whatley, it’s been a rough summer, including 15 tornadoes that touched down in the area on Memorial Day to a shooting rampage in the city’s beloved Oregon District. Dayton broadcasters were lauded for excellent and accurate coverage as well as service and comfort to the community.

Against that backdrop, it was an evening of both celebration and reflection with many attending from across the country to share renewed friendships, memories, and that special camaraderie that binds broadcasters.

Pictured here: 2013 HOF inductee and WTUE personality, John Beaulieu, Tom Carroll, former WTUE PD and 2019 inductee, and Bob & Tom Show Christopher Geisen (former WTUE personality) and 2017 inductee.


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