Congrats Cousin Brucie


Legendary radio personality “Cousin” Bruce Morrow has been selected by our friends at TALKERS Magazine as the recipient of their 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Of course, Cousin Brucie is very well known for his many years at WABC in New York City. You may not know he was also a radio station owner at one time and worked in Television.

Cousin Brucie currently hosts a show on SiriusXM’s 60s on Six channel. He told talkers, “I am honored to receive this award from TALKERS, especially since so much of my show and work at SiriusXM now consists of talking to callers and artists on the air about their lives and careers and what the music and culture has meant and continues to mean to them. This is tremendously gratifying.”

The “Lifetime Achievement” award will be presented to “Cousin” Bruce Morrow at Talkers 2019: Telling the Story on Friday, June 7 in New York City.


  1. I have listened to Cousin Brucie since probably late 1962 and have listened since. I live in the
    Washington-Baltimore area so in the evening, especially during winter when the F layers in the
    atmosphere are much stronger to bring in 77 WABC radio which was the ‘golden standard’ of R&R radio stations. I have also listened to him on Sirius-XM radio for the last 11 years (pleasant surprise). We will miss him for a while, until he resurfaces again somewhere else. Cousin Brucie was the best of the best and a real class act.

  2. A true classic one of the main reasons I have xm raido . Takes us back when things were great and simple. The heartbeat of food music.

  3. My 4 siblings and I grew up listening to Cousin Brucie. The music of the 50’s, though the 70’s–good and bad times managed to engage us in our surroundings and talk about them. It was never the same when our family moved to Virginia. Music was the same but Brucie and his humor was missed.

  4. cousin Brucie Is a truly legendry icon
    i never forget when he came to heartshares
    day program in 1995 because of a letter i sent
    to him. hes my best friend
    Sal DIbenedetto

  5. In 1964 I was in the US Air Force stationed at the 46th Air Defense Missile Sqd. Bomarc Missiles in New Jersey I was a security patrolmen (air police). I would hide a little transistor radio in my parka and listen to you when you were on WABC radio in New York. It was a difficult thank you for lessening the burden of a young kid in a bad spot.

  6. So lucky to have a voice, be alive, and still have his mind.
    Met him at a taping for a TV show I worked on about his life.
    He offered to autograph his book.
    I could.see how he got so far for so long, charming guy!

  7. Cousin Brucie was a very gracious host to a bunch of us college radio kids whom he invited to sit in on his WABC evening radio show. He was generous with his time in discussing the business with us between stop sets. Bruce Morrow worked his way into the industry through college radio which is why, in part, he was happy to have us visit him at work. Many years after I left NYC for New England I discovered he had bought a radio station in Northampton MA. WHMP is now part of a cluster owned by Saga Communications for whom I work.


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