Talking About Mental Health


In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, iHeartMedia teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Child Mind Institute to kick off a multi-year campaign that will raise awareness of mental health. Beginning May 1, 2019 through 2020, iHeartMedia will air a diverse series of PSAs that will educate the public on the general state of mental illness. Additionally, throughout the year, iHeartMedia’s on-air personalities will have open and organic discussions about their personal struggles with mental illness.

All of the radio spots drive listeners to where they will find curated resources published by NAMI and the Child Mind Institute.

“Research shows that talking about mental illness has the power to reduce stigma and to make a suffering person feel less isolated,” said Jessica King, iHeartMedia’s VP of Marketing and Communications. “By activating iHeartMedia’s greatest assets – our listeners, personalities, artists, airwaves, and digital platforms – we hope to change the course of this global epidemic and help normalize conversations around mental illness and encourage them to happen more regularly.”

Kids and their parents will be specially targeted.


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