New Owner Has Big ideas For New Orleans Station


Wendell Pierce tells The Philadelphia Tribune he has big plans for WBOK-AM in New Orleans. Pierce started his career at WYLD-FM in New Orleans. He went on to star in roles such as Detective Bunk in HBO’s The Wire. He tells the paper he plans to diversify the air-talent, simulcast live events and broaden the station’s cultural, political and sports content.

“We want to do shows that can be syndicated nationally, also on the various internet platforms like podcasts. We’re talking to some nationally known names now that I’m excited about, also some well-known New Orleans folks. Everything is still under review. We’ve got to finish buying the house, then we can get in there and redesign and furnish the place.”

Pierce said he’d like to bring artists like Iyo Scott, Don Bartholomew and Don Lewis on live, broadcast events from venues like The House of Dance and Feathers in the Lower 9th, and simulcast a Wednesday open mic night from a New Orleans venue.


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