Atsinger New RMLC Chair


The Radio Music License Committee has announced that Ed Atsinger, long-serving CEO of the Salem Media Group, was elected Chairman of the RMLC at its annual Board of Directors meeting last week. Atsinger succeeds Ed Christian and John VerStandig, who had been operating as RMLC co-chairs for the past year. Christian had functioned as the group’s Chairman for over a decade and had overseen the transformation of the organization through challenging times. Atsinger has served as Chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters Music Licensing Committee for many years.

Ed Christian commented that “given my vested interest in seeing to it that the RMLC continues to thrive, it’s reassuring that we now pass the baton to an experienced Chairman who is perfectly positioned to hit the ground running.” 

In addition to the election of Atsinger, the RMLC Board of Directors elected the following individuals to fill officer positions on the group’s Executive Committee for the coming year:  Paul Rahmlow (Vice-Chairman), Tres Williams (Secretary), Gene Levin (Treasurer), Ed Christian (At-Large Officer), Clayton Nix (At-Large Officer), John VerStandig (At-Large Officer, Litigation), and Paul Yates (At-Large Officer). Newly-elected Board members include Ben Downs, Johnny Palumbo, and Karen Wishart.


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