Radio Helps Homeless Teens


Thanks to Scott Herold from SOS Radio in Las Vegas for sharing this great radio story with us. There are 6000 homeless or displaced high school students in the valley. SOS Radio partnered with Project 150 to help homeless teens start the school year strong. The SOS studios were stacked wall to wall with cup noodles. This is 1200 of the 4200 cases that were collected. Why these noodles? Here’s why…

Project 150’s Executive Director, Meli Polito says, “The number one thing homeless students ask for is Ramen Cup Noodles.” These Noodles are important because they open the door and make a connection for the team at Project 150 to make deeper connections with struggling students. (To plug them in with other programs to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, school supplies and ultimately, hope.) The students Project 150 works with recognize that getting an education is their way to build a better life. Even without a home, they are driven and hardworking in order to meet their goals. These homeless high school kids could easily drop out and get into worse situations, but they are pressing on with hope of a new day.”

SOS Radio collected Cup Noodles throughout July and over 4200 cases were donated! The SOS Radio studios were stacked WALL to WALL. These 4200 cases STOCK Project 150 for the entire school year. Also, the team at SOS Radio did a one day broadcast from the parking lot of a Smith’s grocery store in Green Valley and packed an entire Project 150 truck with bottled water and Cup Noodles!


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