Massive Fine For Miami Pirates


In a 14-page forfeiture order, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau imposed a penalty of $144,344 against Fabrice Polynice and Harold and Veronise Sido for operating an unlicensed station on 90.1-FM from the Sidos’ residence in North Miami. The Commission has a long history with these pirates, operating from several locations, dating back to 2013. Agents found repeatedly that an unauthorized radio station was being operated from the Sidos’ property at 90.1.

The NAL found Mr. Polynice and the Sidos apparently liable for a total proposed base forfeiture amount of $710,000, which was then reduced to $144,344, the statutory maximum permitted for continuing violations arising from a single act or failure to act. The Commission also found that because the violations in this case were “egregious, intentional, and repeated, a significant increase to the base forfeiture would have been warranted if the proposed forfeiture amount had not already reached the statutory maximum.”

Read the entire 14 page forfeiture HERE.


  1. No real effect on this case. They are flippant with the FCC in their blog posts and say they have no intention of paying the fine, stopping the transmissions, and stopping their shows. And they are mostly correct. The FCC has no real enforcement powers except to just sending nastygrams to them and asking they stop transmitting. And the interference will still go on.


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