Cumulus Host “On Leave” After Road Rage Incident


We reported back on June 18 that WGOW (Chattanooga) morning man Jeff Styles was shot after he approached a vehicle with a tomahawk in a road rage incident. Today we find out the station has put him on leave while the incident is being investigated.

Here’s the statement released by the station…”Gary Mac has filled in for Styles in the past and did so last week and he will continue to do so. He has other obligations, however, for the next two weeks and afternoon host Brian Joyce will be hosting The Morning Press along with Jim Reynolds.”

According to local reports, after approaching the vehicle of another man at a red light, Styles struck the windshield of the man’s car with the tomahawk. The two vehicles had apparently gotten into some sort of confrontation on the road before they were stopped together at the red light. The driver of the other vehicle then shot Styles in the arm. The other driver fled the scene, dialed 911, and met with police in another location. Styles was transported to a hospital then arrested on charges of aggravated assault and vandalism. A witness at the scene verified the account of the incident of the second driver.


  1. Styles’ temper got the best of him. Difficult? Yes, but should’ve just let it go. The other guy’s a dick and also a bad actor but skated. His reward awaits – “what goes around comes around” is not just a saying. There are times when you just have to be the more mature person. Us men sometimes get in trouble when clearly disrespected and pride is damaged. That’s where a modicum of humility and inner peace make it okay to just walk away. Unfortunately, I don’t think either party learned a thing; both doubled-down on their behavior and are stickin’ to it. Styles has played sports and should remember what it taught him. He should know the first elbow often goes unseen by the ref, who only sees you trying to get even. News flash: Life isn’t fair.


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