Golf Tournament Raises $250,000


The Broadcasters Foundation of America raised the money to help broadcasters in need during the golf tournament last week in Briarcliff Manor, NY. The annual event is one of the Broadcasters Foundation’s biggest fundraisers. This year, more than 150 broadcasters and celebrities participated in the event.

“The funds come at a time when more broadcasters than ever are in need of emergency assistance,” explained Dan Mason, Chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation. “Our colleagues braved dangerous winds and rain from these massive hurricanes to remain on the air, broadcasting vital, life-saving news and information to their communities. It is up to us to help these dedicated broadcasters now, in their time of need.”

The Foundation has already distributed $50,000 in emergency aid to 50 broadcasters impacted by Hurricane Harvey. That number is rising quickly, and is expected to double over the next few weeks. Another $100,000 in emergency grants is projected to be awarded in response to damage from Hurricane Irma.


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