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As the EVP for Strategy & Analytics at the Katz Radio Group, Stacey Lynn Schulman gets to work with almost the entire radio industry — so she surely plays a vital role as an advocate and industry builder. Her job is also to make sure the Katz Radio Group sellers have the most current, persuasive, analytical resources at their fingertips to promote the value and efficacy of radio. She also leads the effort to strategically position the Katz organization for business development opportunities that grow the broadcast sector. Schulman is also on Radio Ink‘s Most Influential Women in Radio list set to be released on June 19.

Schulman has already had a very successful career in media and the radio industry is lucky to have her on the team. She joined Katz from the TVB, the television station marketing association, where she served as Chief Research Officer and was responsible for driving insights on the value of local broadcast. Prior to TVB, Stacey was the Senior Vice President at Turner Broadcasting where she oversaw sales and marketing research. Before Turner Schulman worked at the Interpublic Group, where she was the President of the holding company’s Consumer Experience Practice. Prior to Interpublic, Stacey served as Executive Vice President, Director of Global Research Integration for Initiative, a media agency within the Interpublic family.

Here is our extended interview with one of radio’s Most Influential — Stacey Lynn Schulman

Radio Ink: Tell us about some of the things you are doing to make radio stronger.
Schulman: All sales start with great storytelling. It’s our job at Katz to tell radio’s story and highlight the uniqueness of our industry’s collective capabilities. In the past year, we did that through our Local Vote initiative, which highlighted the role of radio in political influence. We’ve also been “productizing” research at Katz – developing tools that bring-to-life the vast assets of our client base to the marketing community in ways that are focused on advertiser benefits and offer turn-key solutions. In doing so, we bring industry players closer together to work on initiatives we all benefit from — like Katz’s DJ database, which is now highly used by agencies to help identify DJ talent that best fits product endorsement initiatives, and the research community comprised of radio fans across Katz’s client stations.

Radio Ink: Do you have any success advice for our readers?  
Schulman: Find what it is inside yourself that drives your passion for working in radio and feed it. When you are excited about what you do, it always pays dividends. Success in achieving any goal is about clarity, purpose, and drive – but it can’t be all in your head. Make your goal REAL however it works for you — write it down somewhere that you can see it every day, commit to a timetable or a deliverable, tell others about it. If you talk about it, other people will help drive you forward!

Radio Ink: Why do you think you’ve had such a successful career?  
Schulman: I never want to do anything that’s been done before. I am constantly seeking the “new” new idea, new angle, new paint. When I was a kid I had to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom every six months. Change keeps you fresh and forces you to look at the world from a different angle. Having a different perspective or at least the ability to look at problems from varying perspectives makes you valuable in any organization.

Radio Ink: What do you want to see radio do better?
Schulman: I’d like radio groups and their CEOs to be as visible and familiar to agencies and marketers as their digital, TV, and film production counterparts. We are all in the business of creating cultural currency with consumers – and it’s high time that the mavens of radio and their role in shaping consumer choice is fully appreciated!

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