Toledo’s 92.5 KISS-FM Gets Its Mojo On


The station announced Wednesday, the debut of the Mojo in the Morning show, on June 19. The show will air weekdays from 5-10 a.m., broadcast from its Detroit studio. Mojo in the Morning features on-air personalities Mojo, Spike, and Shannon, who look at pop culture and the latest trends in music and entertainment. There will be regular daily and weekly segments. Toledo native Meaghan Mick, a 92.5 KISS-FM on-air personality for the past six years, will join Mojo in the Morning to provide humorous commentary as well as local news and entertainment.

“I’ve personally been a long-time fan of Mojo in the Morning, and we’re excited to expand his show to 92.5 KISS-FM,” said Scott Sands, Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Toledo. “This show is fun, engaging, and will provide a daily blend of entertainment not currently heard on the radio in Toledo.”


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  2. I gave mojo a chance. Nope. Still don’t like it.

    I want The Morning Rush back!! I miss Eric & Demetrius. I miss the local talk. I miss hearing about their families & pets.

    Mojo in the morning is not personal enough. Even Meaghan sounds less happy

  3. I normally don’t listen to this radio station but After reading all of the comments, I will not be listening to this radio station. This shows that They don’t care about their listeners.

  4. Yeah definitely miss TMR. Mojo is not LIVE the whole time either. They play a skit for like a half hour then repeat it probably thinking the average listener only listens for 30 min at most on there commute to work and not catch it. What a joke. There’s no Mojo in this morning show. Very dissapointed. My commute to work sucks now. Thanks Scott 👎

  5. Wow…a lot can happen in a month. I leave for a month of traveling and come back to some Mojo mumble. I say what!?!? Not a happy camper do not like the change. Hope you’re happy Scott Sands because it doesn’t sound like anyone else is. Local is always better!!!

  6. I have listened to MOJO in the morning because I was hoping TMR was coming back, only to find out that it wasn’t and apparently never will. They’re not funny and definitely not what people wanted. You had a good thing going. Why ruin it? They were the only reason I even listened to 92.5 in the first place and now I’ll be listening to something else. I hope Scott realizes how badly he messed up. This was obviously a money issue. Sad.

  7. Also deleting the I heart radio app and won’t be listening to Mojo in the mornings! Bad decision and we won’t support the decision by listening!

  8. Listened every morning on my way to work and really appreciated Eric’s openness about his struggles with depression and D’s humorous take on marriage and kids. 92.5 has now been deleted from my presets and the I heart radio app removed from my phone. Bad move kiss fm…not interested in what u have to offer now…

  9. VERY disappointed. TMR made my morning. Eric, Demetris and Meghan were very active and huge supporters in our community (as well as very entertaining). I don’t want another radio show and will not be listening to this station any more. Bring them back!

  10. Deleted the iHeartRadio app on my phone and iPad, took 92.5 off of my preset stations in the car, I won’t be listening anymore. I wanna hear local news and updates. I wanna hear familiar voices tell stories about places in the neighborhood. I’m not from Detroit, I’m from Toledo. No need to outsource for a crew when you had a perfectly good one.

  11. Not pleased with this decision. Will go out of my way to not support iheart radio. The Morning Rush provided our area with exceptional radio and community support. They will be missed.

  12. I live about an hour south of Toledo but listened to TMR every morning on my drive to work. I definitely have more local options available to me. I have deleted 92.5 from my presets and will not be listening to any of the shows on that station anymore.

  13. Awful decision. Eric and D will be missed. Time to find another station. Interesting was this a money decision? So so disappointed

  14. Thanks 92.5 for ruining my morning drive to work. As a person with mental illness it was a breath of fresh air to have a radio personality open about his struggles with mental illness. You’ve also taken away a great thing for Toledo.

  15. Horrible decision will not support I heart or listen to the new station. Don’t even care to know who is on they bc it’s not Eric and D. They were the reasons I got up early. They made me laugh and still talked about the important LOCAL news in our area. 92.5 has lost a long long time lister in me

  16. Well I deleted 92.5 off of my presets and the IHeartRadio app. Everyone knows morning radio sucks MINUS the morning rush! I’ll be listening to CD’s from now on. Poor decision. Peace out ✌️ 92.5

  17. TMR was community focused. Everything was about OUR community. They strived to make OUR community the best it can be. They supported our LGBT folks. They raised awareness for mental health needs. They helped show off the latest and greatest dogs up for adoption. We are not Detroit and we don’t want or need their morning show. We need our LOCAL morning show. We deserve to have that pride and support.

  18. This decision by iHeart Media smells of rats. No person in his or her right mind gets rid of two seasoned locally living radio personalities for a radio show from big city in another state while keeping only the youngest “native” crew member. Toledo would appreciate it if the radio shows remained local. For anyone wanting to listen to the other show, there is always the app. Ever since hearing about the tragic news of iHeart Media abruptly ending The Morning Rush, I no longer have any interest in keeping my radio dial stuck on 92.5. Farewell, Kiss FM Toledo.

  19. Guess its time to find a completely different station to listen to. Or even just my cds! The morning will not be the same without Eric Chase, Demetris and Meghan. Their show was worth getting up early to listen to instead of sleeping.


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