Radio Serves Up Results For North Cali Restauranteur

(By Rob Dumke) It’s been more than three decades since Nick Andrew opened the doors of his first restaurant, and from the beginning he has counted on radio to bring in the customers.

How Radio Helped This Financial Company Succeed

(By Rob Dumke) Getting noticed in one of the top five banking markets in the country and the third-largest radio market in the U.S. is a daunting task. Matt Doubleday, CMO for Wintrust Financial Corp. of Chicago, does it every day... with radio.

Nashville Niche Auto Dealer Nets Nice Results With Radio

Global Motorsports General Manager Larry Thorne tells Radio Ink that he has found his “niche” with the Cromwell Radio Group's Nashville cluster of stations — especially with Sports Talk. Here's our interview with Larry...

Sports PDs Reveal How To Win At Their Position

(By Rob Dumke) Winning the hearts and minds of fans, and ultimately the market, is the challenge Sports PDs face daily. We have put together a panel of experts who understand the nuances of the format, the subtleties of how to select and motivate talent, and how to create product and content that enhances the bottom line. Here's what they had to say...

Do You Want To Be A Great Manager?

If you answered yes, you may want to listen to some of the advice we pulled from Rex Hansen, who's retiring after a long and successful career in radio management. Hansen's final stop was a 19 year run as VP/GM for SummitMedia's cluster in Springfield, MO.

Why I Switched From Newspaper To Radio

Andy Alcosser is the D.O.S. for Connoisseur Media in Milford, CT. Tony Bellantoni is a senior AE in the cluster. Andy and Tony introduced us to Bill Keough from Keough’s Paint & Hardware, which has two locations in Connecticut. It's a family-owned business, started in 1972 by Bill’s mom and dad. Keough gives a lot of the credit for his success to his use of radio and the relationship he’s built up over the years with Andy and Tony. (Our weekly Advertiser Success Stories are sponsored by Sun & Fun Media)

What Has Jay Stevens Been Doing?

It's been 60 days since Jay Stevens left radio -- after decades of programming success -- to take a break and recharge. When he hit the beach he had been the Senior VP at Radio One for over a decade. Is he getting the itch to come back? Is the golf scene getting old? We bugged Stevens day and night until he answered our questions. He gave in this week. Here's what he had to day...

Who Is Jonathan Mason?

Earlier this week we reported that JAM Media Solutions, lead by Jonathan Mason, joined the ranks of radio ownership with the $3 million purchase of six radio stations in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and Muscatine, Iowa. The owner of the company is Pastor Jonathan Mason

A Recent Promotion Makes This MIW Even More Influential

As Chief Marketing Officer at the Katz Media Group, Stacey Schulman is responsible for elevating the perception and currency of radio, and driving overall growth for Katz Media Group's station clients, of which there are many. The last time we interviewed Schulman, she was Executive VP of Strategy, Analytics and Research at Katz. She was promoted to CMO this past May.


Bruce Mittman and Jim Leven are partners in Community Broadcasters. They met in 1986, when Mittman was visiting a station where Leven was working as the manager. Mittman eventually purchased that station in 1986 and the two have been friends ever since. Their radio careers wound around and back together again.

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