Who Is Jonathan Mason?

Earlier this week we reported that JAM Media Solutions, lead by Jonathan Mason, joined the ranks of radio ownership with the $3 million purchase of six radio stations in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and Muscatine, Iowa. JAM Media Solutions initially began as a media planning and buying agency and has now ventured outside of its media-buying roots into radio broadcast ownership. The owner of the company is Pastor Jonathan Mason, with a rich history of radio in his background. On Wednesday, we spoke to Mason about why he’s getting back into the radio business.
Radio Ink: We see you do have a radio background. Tell us about that.
Jonathan Mason:
Radio is all I know! My love for radio started in my early childhood. I used to get in a lot of trouble in school. Part of my punishment was no TV. It was during those times that I would turn on WCAU Radio in Philadelphia and listen to Steve Frederick’s sports program followed by Radio Classics. I fell for the Lone Ranger, George Burns and Gracie Allen, the Green Hornet, and so many other iconic radio programs. Radio was in my blood! I majored in mass communications at Norfolk State University and graduated with a degree in news and public affairs. My first job was with Sunshine Wireless in Norfolk, Virginia. They owned WFOG and 94.9 The Point. There, Jerry Del Core and Scott Hogle taught me how to sell. I LOVED sales. Working with clients to help grow their businesses was everything to me. When Sunshine Wireless was sold to Max Media, I moved over to Bob Sinclair’s group of stations and further refined my sales skills. In 1998, I moved to New York City to work for 92.3 K-Rock, home of the Howard Stern Show. Obtaining this position was a dream come true. Growing up outside of Philly, I listened to Howard every weekday. I trade for a tape of the U.S. Open Soars. I was at the Zookeeper’s funeral. To now have an opportunity to put words in his mouth was unbelievable. I spent six years at K-Rock and was then promoted to my first sales management position at 1010 WINS. I’ve also served as a National Sales Manager for Cox Radio Long Island, Local Sales Manager for WKTU, and then eight years at WABC where I started as the Retail Sales Manager and grew to the position of GSM. We broke revenue records at WABC. During most of my tenure we were top 10 in local sales per Miller Kaplan. Considering our ratings position, that was a great accomplishment. Moreover, having the opportunity to work with the icon himself, Don Imus, was a true joy. We had our battles but I loved that man and his entire team. I was honored to serve as the GSM for WABC and the newly formed WNBM simultaneously.
Radio Ink: Why did you decide to get out of radio and start an agency?
Jonathan Mason:
My father died after a long battle with prostate cancer in November of 2014. He pastored the Northeast Baptist Church in Philadelphia for 41 years. I grew up in that church. My roots are there. They called me to the pastorate and I knew I couldn’t be in New York 10 hours a day and grow a church in Philadelphia. That coupled with changes made on my beloved 17th floor made the decision easy. I resigned on May 8, 2015 and started JAM Media Solutions, LLC.
Radio Ink: Why did you decide to get into radio ownership?
Jonathan Mason:
I love radio. Local radio is special. There is no better way to connect with a community than through radio. Radio is a trusted source and local personalities become members of the family. My desire is to run radio with a focus on local personalities and the local community. I never managed stations that were ratings leaders, so agency money was not plentiful. We saw success developing quality salespeople that majored in developimg local direct business. I am proud to say that many of my former sellers are serving as sales leaders throughout NYC. Our goal in these markets and others that we add is to develop sellers that care about the success of their clients. When you go to the wall for your clients, revenue success will surely come.
Radio Ink: What would you like our readers to know about you and how you plan to run radio stations?
Jonathan Mason:
The first thing I want them to know is that we have jumped into radio because we love it. We love our radio LOCAL. The stations we are acquiring have been a staple of the local community for decades. It is our desire to reinforce and strengthen those ties. Secondly, if clients want to win with a highly trained salesforce that care more about results than billing, check us out. Rating points don’t buy product, people do. Our goal is to connect our clients with the people that will benefit from their products and services. Lastly, we intend to give back. Understand that if you have gotten anywhere in life, you’ve gotten there on someone’s shoulders. That being said, we must pay it forward. We will look for every opportunity to give back to the communities we serve.
JAM Media Solutions is picking up four stations in the Outer Banks — WCMS-FM 94.5, WCXL-FM 104.1, WVOD-FM 99.1, WZPR-FM 92.3 — and an online newspaper, from Max Radio of the Carolinas and Hengooch, for a combined purchase price of $1.85 million. JAM is also purchasing two Muscatine stations from Prairie Communications — KMCS-FM 93.1 and KWPC-FM 95.1, and a newspaper for $965,000.


  1. Hi Mr. Mason!
    I am currently a part time DJ with 94.5 WCMS and I look forward to the future under your ownership! I think everyone I work with is very excited!!

  2. I’m with you, Jonathan, all the way! Having grown up in lower Bucks County and managed a successful FM station in NYC … and being a firm believer in local, home-grown programming as being radio’s future – not stations with phone-in jocks – I feel a great connection to you and wish you mighty God-ordained success.


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