Blast From The Past: NAB Show 1940


Happy Friday! This week’s Radio Ink Blast From The Past comes from NAB Show 1940 held August 4-8 at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.

According to the July 5, 1940 edition of NAB Reports, “Plans for the most important NAB convention in the twenty-year history of radio were rapidly being completed this week as announcement is made that FCC Chairman, James Lawrence Fly, and Assistant Secretary of War, Louis Johnson will address the industry.”

“This will be the first appearance of Chairman Fly before an NAB convention and his remarks are looked forward to with the highest degree of interest. Mr. Johnson, making one of the most important government pronouncements on the subject, will speak on the national emergency and its possible effect on the American system of broadcasting.”

NAB President Neville Miller said, “The problems which radio faced in the past pale in comparison with those it faces in 1940. We are in an emergency period. New problems, technical, social and commercial confront us. We are setting up a convention program designed to make this a well informed industry, to give opportunity for all views to be expressed, evaluated and compared before final formal action is taken. What is done at San Francisco this August will shape the course of broadcasting for possibly years ahead. Every member owes it to himself to have a voice in determining the decisions which must be made.”

As for the weather? If you’ve been to San Francisco in the summer, you know why, but the NAB advised, “We suggest a light topcoat for both the ladies and the men. We want you to be comfortable from the standpoint of raiment, so hence, this word of warning.” Not many topcoats needed in Las Vegas.

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