Will Trump Kill Hispanic Radio?


Will This Sector of Radio Die Off?
The Evidence Is Chilling

Politics aside, whether you love him or hate him, there is something going on right now that could impact Hispanic radio so badly that stations could be forced to change formats or have difficulty surviving.

EmptyShelvesBecause of rumor, fear, and misinformation about what Trump intends to do regarding the possible deportation of illegal immigrants, and because of ICE raids capturing known felons in many communities, there has been a sudden disappearance of Hispanics in many communities.

In some predominantly Hispanic communities, retailers are reporting empty stores. Restaurants are reporting that they have
no customers. Employers are saying that Hispanic workers have stopped showing up for work. Even schools are reporting children not showing up for class.

Will the fear of deportation keep the community of Hispanic undocumented immigrants underground? Have they left their communities and moved elsewhere?

Though Hispanics make up a high percentage of the population in many U.S. cities today, retailers fear their businesses could be seriously wounded because of this sudden apprehension among the estimated 10 million consumers who are living in fear of deportation.

How will this affect your business and your advertisers? How will this impact not only Hispanic-formatted radio stations, but all radio stations because of the younger generation of bilingual listeners?

More importantly, what can you do to protect your stations and your
income and help your advertisers and your community?

In 2007, I started the Hispanic Radio Conference after seeing footage of millions of Hispanic people taking to the streets of Los Angeles. It was clear then that the Hispanic factor in America is important to to our stations and our advertisers.

In seven previous conferences, we’ve addressed issues to help stations determine their correct course of action, and have seen overall increases in Hispanic radio spending as a result of our efforts to unify the Hispanic radio industry.

Yet because of this very volatile and dangerous situation, we are pulling out all the stops for the eighth Hispanic Radio Conference to make sure that we address these critical issues head on and offer solutions. Further, we will avoid contributing to misinformation and focus on the facts you need to know to operate your business for the coming year to avoid a significant dip in business.

We’ll not only tell you what you need to communicate to your audiences, but also how to keep advertisers advertising and how to eliminate their fears so they don’t freeze all spending.

This is probably the most important Hispanic Radio Conference in
history. If you have a large Hispanic audience, advertisers who target that
audience, or Spanish-language radio stations, you need to move into emergency mode now. The decisions you make now will impact your income — and your survival.

 I urge you to take this seriously. If these issues have not hit your market yet, it’s just a matter of time. If the Hispanic market makes up any part of your income or listenership, you need to get on an airplane, spend a day and a half in Fort Lauderdale March 28-29, and take this moment in time very seriously. Your future may depend on it.

 Eric Rhoads

Publishing/Radio Ink

Though I know this sounds a bit alarming, I sincerely believe there is reason for alarm. I’m hearing from broadcasters who are telling me the stores became empty from the moment the rumors started flying about ICE raids. I believe it’s our job to address these issues head on and use the brainpower of the experts we’re providing to help you cope with these issues and address the coming impact on your market.

Whatever your politics are is not relevant at this moment. There are facts that are impacting every community, every economy, and many local businesses, and that impact could affect your business. We want to prepare you in the best way possible. I hope you’ll consider attending. We’ve designed this conference so you can fly in early morning, spend one night away, and fly out the next day. In a very short day and a half, we will provide you with the intelligence you need to make decisions in your business.

Book Now: The Hispanic Radio Conference has secured a limited number of rooms at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six at a special conference rate. Book your room now before they are gone!

Click here to register for the Hispanic Radio Conference.

Hispanic Radio Conference

Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six
Fort Lauderdale, FL

March 28-29, 2017


  1. As someone with nearly 30 years in Spanish Radio…..Frankly based on current conditions here in San Diego(a border market), I find the general assumption of this article as B.S. But perhaps a good way to sell a seminar.
    We find no fear or wanting by our client advertisers to go run and put their heads in the sand.


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