Pai Tries To Keep The Peace In DC


FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn called last Friday “take out the trash day” when referring to Chairman Ajit Pai reversing decisions made by former Chairman Thomas Wheeler without offering any explanation. On Tuesday, the Chairman took one of Clyburn’s suggestions about his planned reforms and implemented it.

Commissioner Clyburn suggested that when the agency releases the text of meeting items, the FCC should also release a one-page fact sheet that summarizes the proposal in question. She said this could make the item accessible to more Americans. Pai said he agrees. “The FCC will do this beginning with the release of any items for the March meeting.”

Also, Commissioner O’Rielly proposed that any substantive edits made to an item between the time it’s circulated and the meeting at which the FCC votes on it should have to be proposed by a Commissioner, rather than staff. Pai agrees that this reform will help promote accountability and allow Commissioners to better understand where edits are coming from. That reform will be implemented immediately.

Pai says the changes announced in the last few days have gotten the Commission off to a strong start on the issue of process reform.


  1. Total suckup story to a HATCHET MAN – sent to the FCC to gut it;
    “Last week FCC chair Ajit Pai blocked nine companies from providing affordable high-speed internet to low-income families, withdrew the FCC’s support from an effort to curb the exorbitant cost of phone calls from prison and said he disagrees with the 2015 decision to regulate the internet like a public utility.”


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