What Is A Format Called “The Spot”?


Top 40 is out and “The Spot” is in for CBS Radio in Houston, as the station is relaunched as an Adult Hits format. The format will include a variety of hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and the station says it’s “designed for listeners who need a break from the everyday stresses of life, and features artists including Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Madonna, U2, Prince, and others.”

“We worked exhaustively to understand what Houston listeners were missing in the market from their local radio stations,” said Sarah Frazier, SVP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Houston. “Listeners told us they wanted their own spot to hear their favorite music hits, a spot to relax and energize at work, and a spot to feel comfy and complete. This is your Spot, Houston.”

Check it out at www.957thespot.com


  1. “Spot” meanwhile will not be understood as intended – “a spot on the dial”.
    The programmers might lose their s*** altogether and start insisting – on the air – that the station is “Your spot on the dial!”
    Such a positioning statement would be no more than an arrogant, assumptive and insulting piece of irritating gibberish – not acceptable from grownups in radio.

  2. Clearly and typically, this is just another stab in the dark at a thoroughly unidentified and poorly described audience.
    Playing forty years of internally-critiqued and chosen tunes that are supposed to represent uh…something significant.
    That and a superficial, milquetoast rendering of a banal and innocuous positioning statement or two that will, no doubt, evolve into some form of “Houston’s Best Music” is hardly an innovative step into a future prosperity.
    What’s next after “Spot”? “Jane Radio”? “Dick Radio”?
    This is no more than another in an ongoing series of radio participating in the well-know scenario of “Live by the music – die by the music”.
    In what is otherwise a vast and lush oasis, radio insists on operating from the bottom of a nearly dry well.


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