Forecast 2017 — Hannity Got It Right


One Day Only — Only At Forecast

Hannity Got It Right. Hear Him Explain How at Forecast

The results are now in, and Donald Trump has won the presidency in a stunning upset, confounding most pollsters and a lot of mainstream media pundits. Among the few who saw this coming was Sean Hannity.

Just days after one of the most contentious elections in history, Radio Ink presents radio host and best-selling author Sean Hannity as Forecast 2017 keynote speaker.

Sean will share his insight into the role radio and the broadcast media played in the election cycle and how its influence will continue into the new year and beyond. He’ll offer his thoughts on why America voted for Trump and what this election means to the country and to broadcasters. 

Learn how, post-election, broadcasters can continue their influence on policymakers and retain — and grow — the audiences they reached during the campaign.

And find out…                                 

Will Your Company Pass 2017’s Mirror Test?

borrell_forecastGordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, shares his provocative insights and answers to that critical question in a luncheon keynote at Forecast 2017.

The local media industry is changing rapidly. What were once monolithic entities serving only broadcast or print are becoming multi-channel marketing powerhouses that advertisers are flocking to. But not all companies pass what analyst Gordon Borrell sees as media’s 2017 “Mirror Test.” Are they still breathing? Yes, some are being reinvigorated, but others languish on life support.

Borrell, whose company runs the largest survey of local advertisers in the U.S., shows how local dollars are likely to shift next year, how some media are responding to those shifts, and how to determine whether your company passes the mirror test.


How A New Administration Could Change The Radio Business

After the election dust has settled, a new administration will be taking the reins of the nation’s regulatory agencies. How will a new FCC treat radio? Will there be opportunities for reform of broadcast-ownership rules under a new Congress and new FCC?

Who are the likely candidates to lead the FCC, and who will chair key House and Senate committees? Will we see changes in policy on issues such as net neutrality, or even see the reconstituted FCC or Congress require FM chips in smartphones?

smith16Forecast 2017 addresses these concerns in a can’t-miss, off-the-record conversation between NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith and Washington, DC attorney Frank Montero.

In addition to the financial conference, all registered attendees are admitted to the annual “Top 40” cocktail reception, a prestigious event in itself, honoring Radio Ink’s 40 Most Powerful People in Radio.

Don’t miss a minute of this information-packed day and an evening of prime industry networking. Limited seating.

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