Trump Camp Wants Hewitt Banned


Syndicated talker Hugh Hewitt was very critical of Donald Trump this week after Trump criticized Judge Gonzalo Curiel over the Trump University lawsuit. Some are calling Trump a racist. Hewitt wants the Republicans to find a new candidate.

Hewitt wants the Republicans to change convention rules and allow delegates to select someone else as their nominee. As is normally the case, the Trump camp is fighting back. Adviser Dan Scavino tweeted, “Assume hater Hugh Hewitt will not be attending the @GOP Convention. If he is — the RNC should BAN him from attending.”


  1. There just comes a time when people must accept responsibility for their actions, this includes Mr. Trump. Calling the Judge names, acting like a child, thinking that just because his name is Donald Trump it’s OKAY to throw temper tantrums has and will continue to cost him votes and the election.
    I’m sorry Mr. Trump, but the boycott threat is as rude as your comments about the Judge. Freedom of speech applies to more than just you. Obviously you are not the only one with a bully pulpit to preach from. If Hugh Hewitt uses his bully pulpit, this radio show, you MUST understand…. Freedom of speech goes both ways.
    While I have absolutely no desire or will to vote for Hillary, you are making it almost impossible for me to vote for you either. This could be the first time in my voting history, which goes back many years, when I will pass on voting for the next President of The United States.

  2. Ah, ban dissenting opinions … that’s what democracy was built on! All hail freedom of speech – as long as it agrees with the established rulers of the day. Good times ahead for the U.S.


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