Who Is The Podcast Listener?


New data from Nielsen Scarborough found that podcasting consumption continues to increase with the number of adults 18 and older listening to a podcast during the past month, doubling over the past five years. Building a loyal audience is where the challenge lies for Podcasters, according to the data. As always with any type of consumer focused audio, content is king. Here’s what the study turned up about the podcaset listeners which could, in turn, help content providers zero in on the best content to deliver.


The analysis found that podcast listeners are adventurous, and they love the great outdoors. Hiking-, backpacking- and camping-related content will grab their attention, with one in four listeners having engaged in these activities during the past year. Bicycling and boating content will also resonate, as podcast listeners are 49% more likely to have bicycled and 22% more likely to have gone boating. Nutrition, weight loss and fitness will also appeal to the podcast listeners, as they are interested in being healthy and looking their best. Three out of five consider their health to be excellent/very good, and they actively work to maintain their health. Listeners are 48% more likely to belong to a gym and 36% more likely to follow a weight loss program.

Here are more specifics about the podcast listener that the study uncovered:
– Equally male and female
– The majority (70%) are between the ages of 18-44.
– They are 39% more likely to be single.
– 44% more likely to be a college graduate.
– 33% more likely to be employed in a white collar occupation.
– Have an average household income of $83,700, podcast listeners exceed the national average by about $12,000.
– More than 65% of podcast listeners have some type of investment, with nearly half participating in a 401K plan.
– Podcast listeners are 25% more likely to have stocks, 105% more likely to engage in online investing/stock trading and 15% more likely to use a financial planner.
– Three-quarters having contributed money to a cause during the past year. Their contributions focus on areas they are passionate about and where they can make an impact on society. These causes’ include education, social programs and arts and culture.


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